What’s Real

whats real

Philadelphia twenty-somethings Janelle, Natalie, and Tanya are gonna lose it if they don’t get a break from their dull daily routines. Janelle has had it with her boring job as assistant manager at a clothing store, and with her free-loading family who’ve “temporarily,” moved in with her. As for Natalie, with a baby to take care of and a husband who won’t even change a diaper, she needs a time-out–“and a little excitement wouldn’t hurt either. Tanya is just looking for a good time and a man with a big, thick…wallet. In fact, Tanya, nicknamed “China” for her china-doll beauty, has never even had a job–“she counts on the support of the many men she attracts. But that kind of dependence comes with a very high price, as she’ll soon find out… Given the chance, these girls like to play, and their playground of choice is Miami. Almost as soon as they hit the beach they find themselves drawn into a fast-moving, flashy world populated by rappers, ballers, celebrities, and VIPs with cash to burn. But before this wild ride is over, one of them is going to party a little too hard… one is going to find out what’s most important to her–“and one is going to change her mind about her old life. Along the way, all three of them will learn about how all that glitters ain’t gold, and a good reality is worth way more than a fleeting fantasy.




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