What’s His Is Mine…

Life as a pro athlete’s baby mama isn’t bringing in the big money Adrienne Sheppard expected. Now she’s determined to get wifed… Young Zakiya Lee will do anything to escape living with her troubled sister… Tanisha Butler needs to redeem her one mistake—and reclaim her man… And sports reporter Cherise Long has a “no athletes” romance rule. But as different as these women are, they can’t resist the same temptation: to win the ultimate gold ring…

Soon Zakiya is pregnant by the NBA’s hottest new draft pick—but the pressures of 24/7 fame are driving her to the brink. The superstar Tanisha left behind is playing the field. And the NFL pro Cherise gave her heart to is trapped into marrying his greedy baby mama: Adrienne…and Adrienne will do whatever it takes to keep him. Now all four women will find that the price of wealth is higher than they expected…

Adrienne Sheppard~

I deserve to be arm candy at the Espy awards. I’m supposed to have a Maybach and a mansion. I need all of that. Clear ass diamonds adorning my wrist, ear, and hand. The mission is officially on I need a ring and a piece of paper, making me a Mrs. and making my only job in life to luxuriate.What’s wrong with wanting half?” Some women dream of becoming doctor, athletes and lawyers others dream of marrying them. Difference between the two group of ladies is that the doctors, lawyers, and athletes are all single, because they were too busy following their dreams to land a good man. Instead of being in the books I should have been at the games. By now I would be in married and have it all. The smartest thing you can do is grab an athlete in college or even better be their high school sweet heart. That way it doesn’t look like it’s all about the money, even though it is. Anybody that’s NBA or NFL bound, chances are everyone knew they were going to the league since middle school. Their chicks are just premature gold diggers that just jumped on the bandwagon early. If you don’t get them early you are just another chick scrambling, that has to prove that you don’t want them just for their money. What the hell did I do four years of college? And what has my degree got me? Not more than Angelique. She has way more than me. But, it is never to late and now I’m on my job, because I refuse to be working all hard in that nursing home, when I just have someone take care of me.


“Hello. Hello. Hel- lo,” my daughter Alexis yelled.

I didn’t say anything, because I couldn’t. I just listened intently from the other end of the call. I wanted to tell my oldest child to stop yelling, but I was getting comfort from just hearing her voice.

“Ugh, I wish they stop playing on our phone,” she said as she hung up the telephone.

I wish I was playing. What my daughter thought was a prank call was actually me, checking in. If she only knew how desperately I wanted to say, ‘Hello, it’s Mommy. I’m in Detroit. I miss you. Don’t be mad at me; I’m sorry I killed that woman and I want to come home.’”

I wish I could say that to her, because I miss her. I miss my children, my boyfriend, and my entire life that I left behind. When life gets hard people say, I wish I could just get up and just walk away. I use to have those types of thoughts, but it is not that easy or fun.

Last year, I accidentally killed a woman and instead of turning myself in I ran. And since then I have experienced the hardest 12 months of my life. When life goes wrong all you can ask yourself, is how did I get here. If someone was to ask me, I wouldn’t know what to say. My life wasn’t great, but it wasn’t like this either.

I had my daughter Alexis at sixteen and my son Jamil was born a year later when I was seventeen. Then by the time I was nineteen, I was married to my ex- husband Tyrone a truck drive 13 years older than me. We had a daughter Kierra and our marriage lasted about fifteen years. I wanted out of the marriage because I was tired of being tied down. So I divorced my husband Tyrone and decided I wanted to make up for lost time.

I began hanging out with my coworker’s ex, Adrienne. It was all so exciting at first. We went and did everything. Adrienne took me to some really nice parties filled with young, handsome, and rich professional athletes. My life changed instantly, I went from sitting on the sofa watching movies to partying all night in Vegas. My life had become so exciting and then to top it off I met the man of my dreams. I met my Kevin at a basketball game and we hit it off.

Kevin was the most compassionate, romantic, humble, and attractive man I have ever met. We fell in love quickly and had a beautiful long distance relationship. I visited him in Rome, Italy, where he played for the Italian basketball team, Lottomatica Roma. My life was like a fairy tale. Then the fairy tale began unraveling when Kevin came back to the states to play basketball for the Sixers. That’s when I learned I was pregnant and I had to come clean about all the lies I told Kevin. I deceived Kevin about so many things in the beginning of our relationship because I didn’t think we were going to become serious.

I lied to him about my age. I said I was twenty-nine when I was actually thirty-three. I told him I was a nurse, but my real job was in the hospital’s billing department. I also told him I only had one daughter that was five, but I failed to mention my two other teenage children. When I came to Kevin with the truth, he was upset with me, but he forgave me and things went back to normal.

Everything, was fine until I started receiving threatening notes. The notes said “Go kill yourself bitch!” “Six million ways to die…choose one.” and “ Watch your back, bitch.” I didn’t know what to make of the notes, so I just threw them in the trash. I figured they were from a crazy groupie. Not keeping the notes was the worst mistake I could have made. If I would have just told Kevin, I would have been prepared when Kevin’s ex girlfriend—not “crazy groupie,” tried to kill me.

She came to the hospital while I was visiting my newborn and put a gun up to my head and carjacked me. Then she made me drive to a park and basically let me know she was going to kill me. I didn’t want to die, so I fought back and we tussled for the gun and it went off. When I stood up she was on the ground bleeding and lifeless. At that very moment I should have called the police and explained, but instead I got scared and called Adrienne.

Adrienne helped me dump the gun and suggested that I go on the run. At the time, running made sense. I had just committed a murder, I didn’t want to go jail and I didn’t have any proof that she was stalking me. I didn’t mean to kill her, it was self-defense. But who would believe me? What proof did I have? The only thing I could think of was being sent to prison for life. I couldn’t go to jail, so I ran. I wanted to get far away from Philadelphia, so I ran all the way to the “D” Detroit.

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  1. This book had me crying at the end. Can’t wait until the next one comes out.

  2. Hey girl i loved A Rich Man’s Baby and What’s His is Mine will there be a part 3. I think it need to be!!!!!!

  3. Hi, I recently read What’s His Is Mine I loved the book but the copy i hasve somethings wrong I got to page 234 instead of going to page 235 it went to page 59 till page 90 and started back up on page 267. Its like missing chapters 49 untill chapter 56. But i really enjoyed the book its a good sequel. It should be another sequel after this one 🙂 luv it.

  4. I just finish reading this book, it was a great read.Please let there be a sequel.

  5. I love your books grl they are the bomb! i was so glad when i started reading and found out that this was the sequel to rich man’s baby, yes please do anther one.

  6. Hi. Just read your book “What His is Mine,” well i just read Zakhia Part of the story. That part about Her taking her own life because she had a Miscarriage, and I just did a reserch about that too. I’ll be looking out for your next story.

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