When The Wife Becomes the Mistress


Best-Selling author Daaimah S. Poole is back with a sultry tale of a wife who seeks revenge on her cheating husband by having an affair of her own. 




Larisa and Wayne Stephens have been happily married for seven years. Larisa trusts her husband, but she doesn’t trust his family friend, Kelly, who is an ex-stripper.


Wayne assures his wife that he is not cheating with his “little sister,” but Larisa can no longer ignore her husband’s suspicious behavior and Kelly’s late night calls and texts to him.


Larisa grows tired of her husband being there for another woman while continuously neglecting her. So, when the opportunity presents itself for her to have an affair of her own, she leaps at the chance.


What starts off as a revenge affair becomes more than Larisa could have ever imagined.


But when the wife becomes the mistress anything can happen!



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