Ex Girl to the Next Girl

Philadelphia twenty-somethings Janelle, Natalie, and Tanya are gonna lose it if they don't get a break from their dull daily routines. Janelle has had it with her boring job as assistant manager at a clothing store, and with her free-loading family who've "temporarily," moved in with her. As for Natalie, with a baby to take care of and a husband … [Read more...]

All I Want is Everything

All I Want is Everything Essence® bestselling author Daaimah S. Poole took readers on a wild, sexy ride with her novel Ex-Girl to the Next Girl. Now in All I Want is Everythingwe meet a young woman with a hot voice and superstar dreams...Talented Kendra Michelle Thomas always dreamed of becoming a singing sensation. At high school talent shows, … [Read more...]


Tanisha Butler doesn’t want to spend the rest of her thirties as a divorced mother, just like Adrienne Sheppard is sick of wasting her twenties without a man in sight. No, these ladies want money and security and they want it now. They come up with the perfect plan: have a rich man’s baby and walk away with a fat chunk of his cash for child … [Read more...]