A Rich Man’s Baby


A Rich Man’s Baby


After I put Kierra to bed, I drove over to Adrienne’s. She answered her door wearing a black corset dress with silver and black accessories. Her heels were black peep-toe stilettos, at least five inches high. She had on candy pink lip gloss.

“You look so nice, like you took the entire day get ready.”

“I did,” she said as she showed me the dresses hanging up in her room.

“Here, try this one on,” she said as she passed me a tight strapless red dress with a black big belt. The alternative was a peach and white flower-printed dress.

“I hope my breasts don’t slip out,” I said as I tried to tuck them in the dress and looked myself over in the mirror.
“They won’t. You look real cute.”

“You sure?” I brushed my hair down. I didn’t feel like I looked as good as Adrienne. I needed a few more curls in my hair. I asked her for curling irons, and she plugged them in and told me she would curl my hair for me. She handed me these paper as we waited for them to get hot.

“And what am I supposed to do with this?” I asked.

“All the men you need to be trying to meet.” I gave her a look like I didn’t understand.

“It is the team roster and photos. Study,” she said playfully .

Adrienne parked the car and we walked over to the club. I heard someone say, “Looking good, red dress.” I turned around and said thank you.

Adrienne slightly punched me in my shoulder and said “I told you. We are going to kill it tonight.”

The party was so good. Everyone was laughing and smiling. The deejay was on point. Everybody was nodding their heads and circulating through the party. All of the men in party looked like they were somebody. I was so happy I came. Adrienne patted my chin to tell me to close my mouth. I couldn’t help but stare. The men’s suits were perfectly tailored on every inch of them. I saw all kind of white and colored diamond earrings, rings, and watches.

Adrienne knew who they all were. She was like, “That’s Andrew Jacobs” or “There go Sean Miller.” We went to the bar, and Adrienne ordered our drinks and asked the bartender how much they cost and he and said it was an open bar.

I couldn’t even hate on the women at this party. They looked like living dolls of all nationalities. There was something for everyone, from extra thick but looking fab in tight pants, to little petite with silicone boobs. I even saw the weather lady off the news trying to land her a baller. The only problem about the party was there was a VIP area that we didn’t have access to.

A lot of the players were walking around the party, but then they would go back upstairs to this VIP area. And they left a trail of women at the bottom of the steps, waiting for them to come back down.

“Fuck that. I want to get upstairs,” Adrienne said as she gazed up the steps with a champagne flute in her hand.

“We need to be on the other side of that maroon velvet rope. I’ll be right back,” she said as she switched up the steps and smiled at security. He looked down at her wrist and shook his head no.

“Just catch them when they come down the steps,” I suggested.

“Yeah, but I want us to be up there. This is the little baller section. I want big ballers.”


“Thanks to Kanye’s workout plan. I’m the envy of all my friends. See I pulled me a baller man. And I don’t gotta work at the mall again..”

I changed the words to “I don’t have to work at the hospital again.” “Kanye’s Workout Pllan” was playing loudly in my iPod. He probably thought when he was making the song he was playing women, but he was inspiring me. I did an hour on the elliptical machine and burned eight hundred calories with that song on repeat.

Derrick Johnson, New Jersey Net, 17 was about to become the father of my unborn child, and he didn’t even know it yet. I bought a fertility monitor and ovulation kit. I took a bunch of natural fertility supplements I bought from this herbal store. I was drinking red clover tea and raspberry leaf. I didn’t know how much it would increase my chances to conceive, but it had it do something. I was ready to go to real fertility clinic, but I wasn’t really trying to have three or five babies at once.
One would suffice.I wore black straight-leg jeans and a sleeveless turquoise button up with six gold buttons. I only buttoned half of them. My Victoria’s Secret Miracle Bra made me look like I was blessed with double-D’s. Nina Ricci scent covered my body. My makeup was done up, and my feet were dressed with black pumps.

He called me three times in a row as I drove up the turnpike, trying to make sure I was on my way. Damn, Boo. I’m coming, I thought.
Trees border the empty, long road. It scared me because you couldn’t make a left or right, you had to keep going straight.
I called him to make sure I was going the right way. He told me to keep coming up the hill, and call him when I got to the gate. I pulled into his development. The man came out of the little house and said, “Who are you visiting?”
“Derrick Johnson.”

He smiled a little and said, “Okay, Have a good afternoon,.” as he opened the gate, and I followed the path back to his condo. He told me I had to drive past three speeds bumps. When i came to the third one I saw his truck, that had to be his. It had 17nets on the license plate. It had big shiny chrome twenty-four-inch rims and was shining. I wanted a new car. My Toyota Camry was not getting it anymore. His truck dwarfed my car in style and size. I saw him standing from his front door. He gave me a hug and I smelled his Unforgivable cologne.

“So this is where you live?” I asked as I walked in his apartment.
“Yeah when I’m here,” he said.
I sat on the sofa and he poured us something to drink. He kept giving me compliments. I stuck my tongue out a few times as I said, “Thank you.” We both had shots of vodka. He had five, I had three. We were playing a little warm-up game before the main event. There was a lot of touching and bumping into each other as we threw darts into his boards.
“You sexy as hell. You do things that my girl won’t do. When you told me that, my dick got instantly hard. You know that?” he said as he licked his lips.

“Let me see.”

“All right.”

He went back into his bedroom and grabbed a condom.

“Nice view,” I said as I walked out of my jeans and just stood there with a black lace thong and brassiere in front of his window.
“You not even playing fair right now,” he said as I stared out the window at the river. There were boats docked and moving slightly.
“Damn, your body tight as hell,” he said as he came up behind me and just pressed his mouth against my neck. I took his hands and slid them in between my legs. He began tickling my insides with the tip of his fingers. He was going back and forth fast like a deejay cutting a record. I kicked my pumps off and removed my bra and panties. My body was warm and ready for him to enter. When he pulled out his condoms I stuck his fingers in my warmness and whispered, “Don’t you want to feel that?”
“I do but my girl going to kill me.”

“Your girl, is she here?” I asked with authority.

“No,” he said as he threw the condom down and entered me.

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