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His Last Name



Romance Times  RT Rating Reviewed By: Robin R. Pendleton

“Poole’s latest sizzles with sex, dazzles with drama and captivates with boundless emotion among family, friends and lovers. Poole skillfully weaves in and out of the lives of three sisters, keeping readers mesmerized. Divorces, deadbeat dads, dead-end relationships and disastrous dates are enough to cripple any woman’s faith in finding a good black man. The possibility that a white man or an older man could be the right man is introduced so smoothly, it’s easy to root for the unlikely pairing. Another Man Will is exciting and compelling from the first to the last page; definitely a must-read.”

Pretty Girls in the VIP 

Reviewed by

This novel is about three women whose lives entwine through association. Each of these women have a personal issue which affects the other in one way or another.
Ms. Poole has given the familiar topics of infidelity, jealousy and trust, a name and face in her fictional novel. The characters are average women who deal with these non-fiction common categories beautifully. Well done Ms. Poole! I recommend this novel to the women who enjoy a good read and can relate to the subject matter.



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