My Boo (Novella) By Daaimah S. Poole

Gina seems to have it all: a great job, her own house, her own car, and a steady boyfriend. The only problem is she’s in Philadelphia, and Chris, her long distance boo, lives in Washington, DC. They’ve been dating for a year, and Gina is finding it harder and harder to come home to an empty bed. But she and Chris just can’t find the time to be … [Read more...]

Reviews and Videos

His Last Name   ANOTHER MAN WILL  Romance Times  RT Rating Reviewed By: Robin R. Pendleton "Poole’s latest sizzles with sex, dazzles with drama and captivates with boundless emotion among family, friends and lovers. Poole skillfully weaves in and out of the lives of three sisters, keeping readers mesmerized. … [Read more...]

A Rich Man Baby Series

  Part-1  A Rich Man's Baby Sparks fly in this sultry tale of two women who decide the fastest way to the good life is to have a rich man's baby. . . Tanisha Butler doesn't want to spend the rest of her thirties as a lonely single mother, just like Adrienne Sheppard is sick of wasting her twenties without a man in sight. No, these … [Read more...]

Excerpt- Pretty Girls in the VIP

PRETTY GIRLS IN THE VIP features the characters last seen in What's His Is Mine, including ambitious, scheming Adrienne Shepherd.  Her plans for wealth and security were ended when her daughter’s father, an NFL player, divorced her.  Now Adrienne has a new man, earthy and intelligent filmmaker Ian, and a new way to make money: opening her own … [Read more...]

A Rich Man’s Baby Series

Book #3  Pretty Girls in the VIP -Three different women are connected to Belize, a VIP club in Philly that begins serving drinks at $200 a bottle, and that’s one of those small bottles. Adrienne Sheppard is the owner who’s working hard to make Belize a success against the wishes of her live-in lover who would rather invest their money in his … [Read more...]